The Casualties – Band History

The Casualties were founded 1990 in New York by vocalist Colin (until 1994) and Jorge Hank (guitar), Mark (bass) and Yureesh (drums). Jorge Herrera from Ecuador is the only constant member of the band.

The first demo tape is soon taken up and followed by the first single “40 Oz. Casualty”.  It was released in it 1991. None of them thought about seriously making music, then: “At first, most of them drank a lot and made a lot of trouble, and they played music just for fun,” explained Rick. Accordingly, the lineup changes quite often.
The street punks regarded themselves as representatives of the Working-Class-Doctrine of the Punk Rock and due to their attitude to hard work it took them a while to produce their first LP. Guitarist Jake Kolatis – as he himself admitted – could not play the guitar then. He enters in 1993 and his first public appearance was on the EP “A Fuckin’ Way of Life” which was released the following year.
Drummer Meggers, whose real name is Marc Eggers, joined the band in 1995, and 1997 they finally started with the release of their first “serious” record “For The Punx”. Only one year later the Casualties presented her second disc “Underground Army” to an audience, which apparently could hardly wait for this Oi! Punk-influenced sound.

Success brought stability and seriousness

While at the beginning about ten people attended their performances (and this was regarded as success!) now more and more kids come to their shows. Shortly after Rick Lopez (Bass) from the “Underground Army” completed the band and from then on the line-up did not change since 1999. Continuity pays off, and so in the year 2000 the third album was released: “Stay Out Of Order”.

The following year they presented with “The Early Years: 1990-1995″ an official retrospective. “Die Hards” was another regular album and also the first album for the Side One Dummy label. By this disk in the luggage The Casualties conquered the hearts of the European Punk fans. At home in the U.S. they are guests on the prestigious Warped Tour.album die hards

Their fifth studio album shows the matured Casualties: “On The Front Line”, produced in 2004. One year later this album was released again in Spanish under the name “En La Lina De En Frente”.

On their DVD “Can’t Stop Us” you can see their gigs in Mexiko and Japan, where the fearless four from New York prove that they do not hesitate to take their music into the remotest corners of the world.

In this very year, 2006, the punks release another album, “Under Attack”. With this LP they started their Non-Stop Tour. A concert in New York in March 2007 was recorded and released in September of this year on CD and DVD. The album got the fitting name “Made In NYC”.

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